FAQ: COVID-19 and Schools – Digital Promise

FAQ: COVID-19 and Schools

How are school systems communicating with stakeholders regarding COVID-19?

How are school systems planning for School Year 2020-2021 and reopening school buildings?

How do we plan for online learning while ensuring equity?

How can schools and districts support teachers in the transition to online teaching?

What if students don’t have devices or reliable internet access at home?

How can we ensure the needs of students receiving special education services are met?

What tools and resources can support virtual learning?

How can I ensure that online learning practices are compliant with student privacy requirements?

How can we support educators’ professional and personal well-being during this time?

How can we educate our students about COVID-19?

I’m a school partner. What’s the best way to support right now?

I’m a parent. What resources are there to help me as I provide home-based learning?

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