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Planning for Long-Term Sustainability of Digital Learning

Digital Learning Playbook-Planning for Long-Term Sustainability of Digital Learning

Ensure students continue to have access to effective digital learning.

Schools need to plan in advance to sustain their digital learning program after the excitement of the new program has waned. Schools will need intentional, ongoing activities and maintenance to keep students, families, and teachers engaged, and provide resources to maintain devices and systems. Schools will want to:

Updating Computers and Content

Devices will need to be updated and new software added throughout their lifespan. Schools and districts should develop a plan for updating computers and content, particularly if students are not bringing devices to school each day due to distance or online learning. Content management software is available that allows schools or districts to perform updates on many devices at the same time. These systems should be considered both for the initial set-up process and for continued updating of devices.

Guiding Questions

  • What procedure will students and families follow when a device needs to be repaired?
  • What procedure will school staff and officials follow when a device needs to be repaired? 
  • How will digital learning be maintained for students while devices are being repaired? What is the procedure for using spare devices? 
  • What funds will be used to repair or replace devices?
  • How will the district or school continue to assess the needs of the district, families, students, and teachers? 
  • When will new devices and software be purchased as updates or upgrades? What funding sources will be used for these updates or upgrades? 
  • Have we developed a system for updating devices and providing new software to students?


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