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Digital Learning Playbook

Digital Learning Playbook

About the Playbook

Digital learning leverages digital tools and resources to establish powerful, flexible learning environments. Digital learning means each student has access to a device and reliable internet access, both at school and at home. While digital learning is critical during emergency situations when remote teaching is necessary (e.g., e-learning days due to weather cancellations, hybrid learning, or school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic), it is a strategy that promotes personalization and student agency in all learning scenarios. The Digital Learning Playbook focuses on supporting schools and districts to develop digital learning environments to provide high-quality, continuous learning opportunities for all students.

This Digital Learning Playbook brings together expertise from across Digital Promise and our partners to provide guidance in developing and supporting powerful learning opportunities for students. It includes strategies for establishing leadership teams, planning for technology implementation, assessing human infrastructure needs and capacity, and identifying tools and resources for school and home use.

The Digital Learning Playbook resources provide guidance and examples to assist district and school leaders at each stage when implementing digital learning. No matter a district or school’s starting point or goals, the resources from the Digital Learning Playbook will support the development of powerful, effective digital learning.

Digital Learning Playbook Resources

Guiding Questions

  • Who will guide digital learning within our district or school?
  • What resources does our district or school currently have for digital learning and what needs do our district, teachers, and students have before starting digital learning?
  • How can our district or school reach a 1:1 ratio of technology to students, in which every student has access to a device?
  • How will we collaborate and communicate with the school community as we increase digital learning?
  • How will we provide ongoing, high-quality professional development opportunities for teachers as they integrate digital technology in new ways?
  • How will our district or school utilize novel and innovative technologies to disrupt and improve current educational practices?
  • How will we maintain student safety and confidentiality when using digital technologies for learning?
  • How will we ensure our increase in digital learning does not produce new or reproduce existing inequalities?
  • How will we maintain and sustain our digital learning programs?
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