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Establish a Leadership Team

A successful digital learning program requires skills, expertise, and feedback from many different stakeholders. The most effective programs include personnel from the district office and schools as well as external stakeholders like school boards and parent-teacher organizations to ensure commitment to a shared vision and support for achieving agreed-upon goals.  

Once the vision and goals are established, the Leadership Team should meet regularly to monitor progress, provide updates, address concerns, and continue planning. A 30- to 60-minute weekly meeting (in person or virtual) should be scheduled by the Designated Lead. A needs assessment can guide the work of the Leadership Team. 

Team Members

An effective leadership team should include:

  • A Designated Lead: Who is the champion who will organize the project, manage communication, schedule meetings, and ensure reports are produced?
  • Teaching and Learning Lead: Who will guide the work of aligning the curriculum goals to digital learning resources?
  • IT Department Lead: Who can represent the IT department with knowledge of systems, infrastructure, devices, and support personnel?
  • School Level Administrators: Which school principal can represent strong instructional leadership and provide guidance for teachers, students, and families in this transition to digital learning?
  • Classroom Teachers: Who is a strong teacher with a vision for digital learning, but hasn’t had the resources to implement? Who is a teacher thriving in the use of education technology? Who is a  teacher perhaps frightened by the thought of every student having a mobile device?
  • Other: Who else has an important perspective on digital learning, such as a librarian, a parent, or a special educator?
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