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This library of online learning resources is intended for educators and can be filtered by type, grade, and subject. All of the included resources are free and meet student privacy criteria.

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Amplify Education, Inc.

Amplify Reading is a highly engaging digital program that adapts to each individual student and provides them with the exact instruction and practice they need to advance their literacy skills. School or district administrators need to register the school and students can use the tool independently. Students must be registered through a school roster and have internet access – low bandwidth (e.g. for email, web searching, word processing).

Amplify Reading has earned the Digital Promise Research-Based Design product certification

Aperture Education

Aperture Education provides social-emotional learning strategies that can be used at home while students are away from the classroom. Aperture Education has webinars, white papers, blogs, and other resources for educators to use for professional development while out of the classroom. It can be assigned by a teacher and used independently by a student. Students must have a desktop or laptop computer and internet access – low bandwidth (e.g. for email, web searching, word processing).

Apex Learning

Apex Learning offers the opportunity for schools to continue instruction through digital curriculum. So all students can access the curriculum and find success, extensive literacy, language, & academic supports are embedded in the active-learning curriculum. Teachers facilitate the program; students work independently on lessons. See the website for technology requirements.


Ascend is a software platform that enables schools and mentoring programs to set, track, and measure student goals. Through the platform, students set their own goals, teachers and mentors can track goal progress, and administrators can access data on student achievement and gaps in support systems. Ascend can be assigned by a teacher and used independently by students. Students need an email address and must have high bandwidth internet access (e.g. for streaming video).

AVID Open Access

AVID Open Access™ provides tips, lesson plans, and teaching resources educators can implement in the classroom. It offers STEM activities and subject-specific, grade-level appropriate examples illustrating how teachers can embed digital tools in lessons to meet learning objectives. These resources show teachers how to engage with technology and people, so that students get more out of instruction.

Big History Project

Big History Project is a free, online social studies course that emphasizes skill development as students draw mind-blowing connections between past, present and future. What can you expect to see? Amazing gains in student writing and critical thinking. BHP delivers a big picture look at the world. Pending approval as signatory of Student Privacy Pledge.

BioDive by Killer Snails

BioDive combines mobile virtual reality and online digital journaling to enable students to experience the life of a scientist. Take on the role of marine biologists investigating the delicate ecosystems of venomous marine snails and observe, discover, and hypothesize. Includes an educator dashboard to monitor progress and provide digital feedback. Requires phone and is NGSS aligned. Pending approval as signatory of Student Privacy Pledge.


Bloomz is opening their premium version for free through the semester to all schools. The Bloomz communication platform enables schools to communicate updates in real-time to parents and students; share lessons, student work and feedback; and keep the school-to-home connection strong so students learning at home don’t fall through the cracks.


Boeing FUTURE U is a program partnership between Boeing and Discovery Education. The FUTURE U website includes ready-to-go STEM activities, virtual field trips to Boeing sites, and extended-reality videos with companion activities. The ready-to-go STEM activities are each designed for three 45-60 minute class periods and can be adapted for completion by a single student. Facilitation suggested. Users must have internet access – low bandwidth (e.g. for email, web searching, word processing) to access ready-to-go STEM activities. Internet access – high bandwidth (e.g. for streaming video) is suggested for the virtual field trips.

Book Creator

Book Creator is the simple way to make digital books in the classroom. Create. Read. Publish. Students need an email address or use single sign-on (such as OneRoster). Students must have a desktop or laptop computer and have internet access – low bandwidth (e.g. for email, web searching, word processing).


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