Verizon Innovative Learning Schools - Digital Promise

Verizon Innovative Learning Schools

In partnership with Verizon, we have equipped every child and teacher in select low-income middle schools across America with a tablet and two-year data plan as well as extensive professional learning opportunities for teachers and school leaders. Each Verizon Innovative Learning school receives a stipend for a Learning Coach to assist with program implementation, teaching support, and collaborative learning.

Many schools are experimenting with innovative approaches and practices designed to help students gain the knowledge and competencies that will prepare them for success in a connected global economy. With our Verizon Innovative Learning Schools (VILS), we are committed to closing the gap between students who have access to effective digital learning and those who do not and sharing their outcomes and experiences so the journey is clear to others.

This program provides students with access to mobile learning technology in the classroom and at home, equips educators with personalized professional development, and supports all participants with a national community of practice. VILS currently serves:

  • 8 schools in five districts in Cohort One
  • 13 schools in six districts in Cohort Two
  • 25 schools in eight districts in Cohort Three
  • 28 schools in nine districts in Cohort Four

The resulting stories, resources, and policies are shared online, creating a behind-the-scenes guidebook for supporting students and teachers with always available access to learning technologies.

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