Professional Services

Transformational Learning in the Digital Era

Is your district implementing, or considering, a digital transformation? Digital Promise Professional Services can help you create personalized, collaborative, and mobile models of learning that can improve the opportunity to learn for all students. Take advantage of our knowledge and networks, hands-on experience, and results-focused methodologies to accelerate change in your district.

Our Areas of Focus

  • The Journey: Guide your district’s digital transformation using our change management blueprint for schools and educators, developed based on years of hands-on experience with dozens of K-12 districts, teachers and leaders.
  • Leadership Coaching: Build your capacity for change by working with members of our League of Innovative Schools, a nationally recognized network of forward-looking superintendents of K-12 districts solving challenges through innovation and the smart use of technology.
  • Challenge Based Learning: Engage your students and teachers with a compelling framework for understanding and solving authentic challenges, taking action and making a difference.
  • Storytelling: Inspire action and mobilize support for your district, schools and community through compelling storytelling and effective use of traditional and social media.

Why Digital Promise

Since 2011, Digital Promise has been building national networks and working side-by-side with forward-thinking education leaders, researchers, and entrepreneurs to implement transformational learning powered by technology in our nation’s public schools. In our role as social entrepreneurs, we are delivering on innovative solutions to the most pressing problems facing education today.

Through our Professional Services offerings, now any district can gain direct access to our knowledge, expertise, and hands-on experience and to the change agents at the forefront of transformation.


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