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Elevating Student Voice

Entrusting student leadership to guide innovation in equitable education

The Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools is excited to launch a new network that centers students’ voices in its work. Students are valuable leaders whose voices must be heard and amplified within and beyond the League. Students provide unique and essential perspectives on education topics such as equity and social justice that can guide valuable education research and solutions.

Introducing the 2022-2023 Cohort

The inaugural League of Innovative Students cohort includes 36 student leaders representing 16 League member school districts from around the country.


About the League of Innovative Students

This new network of students is a multicultural, passionate group of young people brought together by Digital Promise and the League of Innovative Schools. They are passionate about transforming education in their communities, sharing their own experiences, and advocating for social justice and equity.

Students are changemakers. They are at the heart of everything in education.

Guided by a National Student Advisory Council—a group of six high school students representing the districts in the League of Innovative Schools’ Advisory Committee—the League of Innovative Students will participate in the following:

  • Leadership – Students will receive training and development to grow their leadership capacity.
  • Mentorship – Students will receive mentoring and coaching from school and Digital Promise leaders
  • Advocacy – Students will learn about education policy and the tools of advocacy.
  • Informing K-12 Education Research & Development (R&D) – Students will engage in research and design projects to help shape equitable R&D approaches.
  • Peer Networking – Students will join a national network of young people leading the change.

Focus Areas

Aligned with Digital Promise’s Inclusive Innovation model, students will have opportunities to contribute their perspectives in the development of education solutions and products.

This approach is guided by the belief that students are critical thinkers whose perspective on equity must shape education R&D and solutions.

The League of Innovative Students will:

  • Empower student voice in education R&D by helping to revamp the Inclusive Innovation equity-centered research and development model to ensure that it is welcoming for students and works for them.
  • Participate in and lead a process to identify major challenges in the education system and offer suggestions to address those challenges that prioritize student perspectives, knowledge, and creativity.

Additional questions? Email us at league@digitalpromise.org.

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