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Career and Technical Education

Rapid economic, technological, and social changes are creating a world that is ever more interconnected. One in ten Americans is foreign born, and local communities—urban, suburban, and rural—are growing more diverse. To take advantage of global market opportunities, companies must hire workers with global competence—that is, the capacity and disposition to understand and act on issues of global significance. Career and technical education (CTE or vocational education) educators now face a critical new imperative: to prepare all students for work and civic roles in a world where success increasingly requires the ability to compete, connect, and cooperate on an international scale.

To meet that need, Digital Promise has partnered with organizations and other educators to develop professional development courses and resources that can help CTE educators incorporate global competence education into their work. Learn more about the courses below, or peruse the resources in our CTE Toolkit.

You can also visit to enroll in the courses.

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