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Student Assignments

Below are links to CTE student assignments as well as tips on how to create your own classroom activities to help students become career ready in a global economy. In addition, find tools to help you teach the content from the student modules.

General Assignments

Student Module Assignments

The Center for Global Education at Asia Society has created online modules to support high school and postsecondary CTE students in learning about the skills of global competence. These short, 15–20 minute modules, are self-paced and available through ACTE’s CareerPrepped platform. These assignments serve as classrooms extensions of the materials taught in the modules. Each module has a faculty guide and related assignments. In addition, if you want to teach content from the modules, without having your students watch the modules, we have tools to help!

Module 1: Defining Global Competence

Module 2: Global Competence on the Job and in the Community

Module 3: Preparing for Global in My Career Field

Module 4: My Global Competence Plan


How does a global assignment fit into my instructional plan? It’s not as difficult as you think—here are tips to help:

Want to learn how to get started with integrating global content into your CTE program? View A Future-Ready Workforce: Preparing Community College Students for a Global Economy, a series of short 15-minute online professional development modules designed to assist you in internationalizing your curriculum. The modules are available free of charge.

Additional Projects and Ideas

Links to other global projects:

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