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CTE Standards Crosswalked to Global Competence

The Common Career Technical Core is a common set of CTE standards created for each of Advance CTE’s 16 Career Cluster areas. This document crosswalks each of the 16 career clusters with the four domains of global competence, demonstrating the clear alignment between global education and CTE. Each crosswalk is also filled with ideas of global projects that can support the standards taught in each of the career pathways.

This toolkit provides resources, including: sample projects ready to be used in CTE classrooms, global career planning resources, workforce readiness rubrics, crosswalks of global education and CTE standards, global career profile videos, talking points, and more.

CTE Standards, Crosswalks, and Rubrics

Global Career Ready Practices: A look at the global aspects of the Career Ready Practices developed by Advance CTE: State Leaders Connecting Learning to Work and 42 states. The Global Career Ready Practice Rubrics help students self-assess their skills and help educators scaffold the learning of global employability skills with consistent, quality feedback. And the GREAT tool (Global Readiness Examples and Topics) gives global examples for each career ready practice in all of the 16 career pathways.

Asia Society Global Leadership Performance Outcomes, Rubrics, and I Can Statements

Employability Skills Feedback Form: This form can help CTE educators develop in their students the global 21st century skills required by today’s employers.

Links to Additional Employability Skills Frameworks

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