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Career Planning Tools

Career Planning Curriculum

These classroom activities will help educators lead their students in an exploration of global careers. Beginning with a career planning unit overview, this unit includes five lessons that will build students’ understanding of demographics in their own communities, the need for global competence in education and work environments, and the specifics of conducting an international job search.

Global Career Planning Unit Overview

Download the unit overview to review the standards addressed, the project goals and objectives, materials and resources required, and suggested modifications and support for extenuating circumstances in the classroom. Following each lesson plan are associated worksheets, which are downloadable Word documents.

Lesson Plan 1: Demographics In Our Community

Lesson Plan 2: Education for a Global World

Lesson Plan 3: Creating a Global Infographic

Lesson Plan 4: Defining Global Competence at Work

Lesson Plan 5: Global Job Searches

Additional Career Profile Videos on Other Sites

  • FFA AgExplorer: National FFA and Discovery Education have created a robust, comprehensive career resource to help you explore the broad range of careers in agriculture.
  • Ohio Global/Foreign Language Careers: This site contains video profiles and career exploration materials for middle and high school students. Global jobs from Advertising, Business, Education, Arts, and Culinary/Hospitality pathways are featured.
  • RoadTrip Nation: A database of career interviews from virtually every profession! (subscription required)
  • Collection of STEM focused career video with interactive lessons for students.

Student Modules on Other Sites

  • CTECS: These free, online curriculum modules and vocabulary exercises help students develop workplace readiness skills, such as respect for diversity, creativity and innovation, work ethic, teamwork, and conflict resolution, all integral to the world of work. In additional, there are student assessments and digital credentials available.
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