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Global Cities Education Network Melbourne Symposium

The Global Cities Education Network (GCEN), an initiative of the Center for Global Education at Asia Society, is an international learning community of city school systems in the Asia-Pacific region and North America. School systems are rethinking the knowledge and skills students need for success and the educational strategies and systems required for all children to achieve them. The entire network gathers annually for a dynamic, three-day learning experience involving school site visits, collaborative exchanges, and presentations from experts, with a focus on issues identified by the cities and facilitated by those on the cutting edge of practice and policy. The 2019 symposium took place in Melbourne.

The 2019 symposium focused on the following themes:

  • Future-Ready Students: Delegates explored the efforts of Victoria and GCEN member cities to engage learners in a complex world. How are we reforming/improving secondary schools to ensure all students are prepared with 21st century skills and global competencies for a complex world? What strategies have been successful? Where are the struggles?
  • Future-Ready Leaders: What does a future ready leader look like in your context? How are leaders being prepared at all levels—from students to school leaders to system administrators? The Network will understand how Victoria is reforming leadership at all levels and share their own models.
  • Future-Ready Systems: Ensuring education systems are adaptive and future oriented. How are continuous improvement models working to prepare systems that are future oriented? Victoria, like many systems, has several models for how to spread and scale ideas. As a network, GCEN discussed and evaluated Victoria’s model as a case study and shared their own emerging models, including but not limited to the improvement science projects that have been undertaken as part of the GCEN working groups.

See the final agenda for the Symposium.

Please note that this is a private, invite-only event. Learn more about the Global Cities Education Network.

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