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Digital Promise Global was created as a separate and independent 501c3 alongside Digital Promise to spur innovation in education around the globe. By working with educators, entrepreneurs, researchers, and leading thinkers, Digital Promise Global partners with Digital Promise to close the Digital Learning Gap and unleash the power of technology to improve learning opportunity.

Across the U.S. and internationally, the student population is changing. Fewer students fit into the “normal” curve, and diversity is on the rise and the more people around the world need a quality education. At the same time, the world outside the classroom is increasingly more complex and interconnected. From the business world to the political stage, better understanding across borders or cultures can help reduce conflict and improve relationships.

The Digital Promise Approach

Digital Promise Global frames differences among individual learners, and across communities of learners, as assets. Student-centered education supports learners as individuals, building their agency and confidence. On a wider scale, we strive to support educators and students developing skills to collaborate across lines of difference, and creatively solve problems as engaged citizens.

Each Digital Promise Global project leverages technology, taps into research, and shares powerful stories to improve the opportunity to learn around the world. Our work supports people’s ability to operate in a global context.

While Digital Promise Global and Digital Promise are legally separate entities, a formal agreement and informal relationships between them enable deep and fluid collaboration. Visit the Digital Promise Global website to learn more about current projects.
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