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RFP: Learner Variability in Early Reading Edtech

The growth in learner variability in today’s classrooms is staggering: learners who come to school hungry, those who must map out safe paths to walk from home to school, and students who are bored because traditional methods of instruction do not engage them or meet their needs. Yet, we need to reach each learner in every classroom to help each meet their potential as they move through school and beyond.

One of our goals for the Learner Positioning Systems (LPS) initiative is to incentivize early reading edtech products to develop increased research-based supports that address the variability in all learners. We are launching this RFP to provide grants to developers who share this goal.

Hear how ReadWorks describes their grant partnership with LPS.

We are looking for creative early reading (Pre-K to third grade) product developers to be thought partners in developing “innovative approaches that allow students to engage with content differently, [by asking] what does technology make possible that could not be done before?” (Ed Tech Developer’s Guide, p. 8). Each grantee will receive:

  • Funds up to $50K for development of learner variability features and supports
  • An individual review of your existing product by our experienced LPS team
  • An in-depth assessment report of suggested research-based development plans
  • Access to our experienced team for research and design support throughout the development process

This RFP is open for applications on a rolling basis from now through December 31, 2018. Click below to learn more and apply.


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