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Learner Variability Hub

Each student is a unique learner. They come to school with a combination of strengths and challenges based on their cognitive abilities, social-emotional skills, and background. We call this learner variability and our paper, Learner Variability Is the Rule, Not the Exception, defines the term and the research that supports the concept.

The following factors highlighted in the Learner Variability Hub are some of those that contribute to each learner’s variability. Research, evidence-based resources and strategies, and district and classroom expertise are provided in an easily accessible format, along with citations for those who may want to dig deeper.

The goal is to inform education stakeholders charged with designing an education that embraces the whole child and the full diversity of learners, as well as policymakers and government leaders who deliberate over policies to ensure that each student is ready for 21st-century learning and careers.

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