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Part I: About Digital Promise

Digital Promise at a Glance

Digital Promise is a global nonprofit working to expand opportunity for every learner. We work with educators, researchers, technology leaders, and communities to design, investigate, and scale innovations that support learners, especially those who’ve been historically and systematically excluded.


Digital Promise shapes the future of learning and advances equitable education systems by bringing together solutions across research, practice, and technology.


Every person engages in powerful learning experiences that lead to a life of well-being, fulfillment, and economic mobility.

Our History

Launched in 2011 by President Barack Obama, Digital Promise was created to improve learning opportunities by closing the Digital Learning Gap. We have developed dozens of programs that have placed the organization at the cutting edge of research, practice, and technology innovation. These include the League of Innovative Schools, the Center of Inclusive Innovation, the Learner Variability Project, a robust ecosystem of micro-credentials and educational technology product certifications, and a team of the top learning sciences researchers in education. Working with a wide range of partners and practitioners in the U.S. and around the world, our initiatives have impacted over 4.4 million students and 180,000 teachers across more than 200 districts and in 27 countries to date. In March 2022, Digital Promise received a $20 million donation from philanthropist Mackenzie Scott, the largest unrestricted contribution in the organization’s history.

To see a full timeline of Digital Promise’s history, click here.

Part II: Leadership

Jean-Claude Brizard is the former Senior Advisor and Deputy Director in U.S. Programs at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He also formerly served as Chief Executive of Chicago Public Schools and Superintendent of Schools for the Rochester City School District in New York, in addition to a 21-year career as an educator and administrator with the New York City Department of Education.

Jean-Claude Brizard, President and CEO of Digital Promise
Jean-Claude Brizard, President and CEO

As Digital Promise’s first CDEO, D’Andre Weaver oversees the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools (VILS) program, part of Verizon’s flagship education initiative with a national network of more than 500 Title I schools. As a former public school teacher, principal, senior leader, and superintendent, Weaver cares deeply about helping students realize their dreams.

D’Andre J. Weaver, Ph.D., Chief Digital Equity Officer (CDEO)

Chaula Gupta oversees Digital Promise’s national program team and an expanding international portfolio in partnership with leading international education and education technology organizations. She brings two decades of experience in public education and social innovation at organizations such as The Chicago Public Education Fund, Teach for America, and Ashoka Innovators for the Public.

Chaula Gupta, Vice President and Chief Program Officer

Part III: Our Impact

League of Innovative Schools: League members represent more than 150 districts in 38 states serving more than 4.4 million students. Their diverse experiences reflect the advancements, challenges, and vital work of public education in the United States.

Verizon Innovative Learning Schools: In collaboration with Verizon, Digital Promise has equipped 439,582 students and 28,098 teachers in 511 schools across the country with a device and high-speed internet access. Teachers also receive training and support to leverage technology in their classrooms.

Micro-credentials: With more than 8,850 micro-credentials awarded, we offer more than 450 competency-based micro-credentials on a wide range of research-backed skills. These micro-credentials are developed, assessed, and awarded by more than 50 partner organizations, ranging from institutes of higher education to non-profit organizations.

  • Hear about how earning micro-credentials has impacted many educators’ careers and what it means to them.

Strategic Framework and Impact Goals

Our Impact Goals reflect the future of learning that we are working to build. They are student-centered, equity-focused, and ambitious—just like the work we are doing to achieve them.

Achieving these Impact Goals won’t be easy—it will take collaboration across research, practice, and technology to tackle education’s big challenges and push the bounds of what’s possible for learners and educators.

Read more about our Impact Goals and how Digital Promise aims to change the future of learning.

Part IV: News Coverage

Check out our press room to read the latest on Digital Promise.

For media inquiries, please contact My Nguyen, Senior Director of Communications.

Part V: Downloadable Media

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Part VI: How We’re Funded

Click here for financial information including our annual reports, financial and tax documents, and 501(c)(3) documents.

Digital Promise Global, Net Assets by Year

Pie chart breaking down Digital Promise revenue in 2021

Click to learn about our partners and funders whose investments and support help make our work possible.

Part VII: Get in Touch

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