Data Ready 2021 - Digital Promise
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Data Ready 2021

Building Resilient and Actionable
District Data Systems

Join the Data Ready 2021 cohort to strengthen your district’s data infrastructure and systems.

In this cohort, participants will create an actionable implementation plan that is centered on a high-need use case anchored in data use, data management, and data integration. This plan will aid districts in creating a stronger foundation for student learning and district operations.

Ready to join? Submit your interest by Friday, June 19.

Additional information on the cohort will be available during an informational webinar on June 10 at 4 PM (ET). To attend the informational webinar, sign-up here.

In this program, participants will receive:

  • Analysis based on a data readiness self-assessment
  • Support from peer coaches (experienced leaders from peer districts) and an expert technology advisor
  • Access to a digital playbook with tools, resources, templates and facilitation guides
  • Peer consultations, group webinars, and personalized workshops
  • $1000 district stipend
  • Eligibility for additional funding to advance your implementation to the next level

Participants in Data Ready 2021 will identify a high-need use case based on their own district’s context. Example use cases include:

Illustrated grading symbol

Grading & Assessment

Illustrated calendar symbol

Attendance Tracking

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Rostering & Sign-On

Illustrated lock and security icon

Data Security & Privacy

Cohort Overview

Districts will receive direct support to take action on pressing data challenges. Upon the cohort’s conclusion, participants will emerge with:

  • An internal district data team that is equipped to make decisions about data governance
  • An actionable use case that solves a clearly identified data challenge
  • A high-level resource and timeline plan for a targeted implementation

Cohort Participants

Primary participants are district-level technology leaders with a strong commitment to effective management and use of data to support students. Technology leaders will be responsible for recruiting the participation of academic leaders (e.g. curriculum, assessment) within their district to form a larger team of 3-5 secondary participants. This opportunity is open to any technology leaders working in school districts in the United States and its territories.

This program is open to applicants from public, charter, and independent schools.

Requirements and Expectations

Each district in the cohort must:

  • Have at least one technology leader serve as the primary participant and point of contact
  • Participate in the cohort by attending both virtual and in-person meetings
  • Engage academic leaders, teachers, and additional stakeholders in your district
  • Commit to working on and sharing progress toward your district’s use case and integration implementation plan

Schedule and Content

Districts will meet virtually on a regular basis with a team of peer technology coaches (technology leaders from peer districts) and subject matter experts, starting with a kick-off meeting during the week of July 6. Additionally, cohort participants will attend a day-long workshop in Fall 2020 (in coordination with the League of Innovative Schools meeting). Participants will be supported in completing work independently outside of the meeting periods.

Summer Fall Winter
  • Establish an internal team and cadence for monthly meetings.
  • Complete a technology integration readiness self-assessment
  • Complete pre-work in advance of deeper cohort engagement in the fall
  • Monthly meeting with peer coach and tech advisor
  • Complete a needs assessment and identify an appropriate technology integration strategy.
  • Virtually collaborate with district coaches and a technology advisor on a selected strategy.
  • Attend a day-long workshop to coordinate a selected strategy with an achievable use case.
  • Bi-weekly meeting with peer coach and tech advisor
  • Finalize a technology integration strategy and implementation plan.
  • Receive continued support and feedback from peer coaches and a technology advisor.
  • Present an action-ready use case in a “Show & Tell”
  • Bi-weekly meeting with peer coach and tech advisor
Total time commitment (estimated):
10 hrs/month
Total time commitment (estimated):
15 hrs/month
Total time commitment (estimated):
10 hrs/month

Submit your interest in participating by Friday, June 19. The first cohort meeting will be held on the week of July 13.

Still not sure if this cohort program is for you? Email Apeksha Goonewardena ( with any questions.

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