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About This Playbook

The Data Ready Playbook is designed to support districts with preparing an effective interoperable data solution that meets districts’ distinct needs, capacity, and context.

The Data Ready Playbook has nine chapters–one for each stage and domain to help your district advance your readiness. When your district reaches and completes the “Ready for Interoperability” chapter of all three domains, you will be prepared to implement a successful interoperable solution for your unique use case using the playbook’s final outputs: the Data Ready Project Plan and the Data Ready Pitch Deck.

How to Use This Playbook

To get started, your district should first familiarize itself with the Readiness Framework. The Readiness Framework consists of three readiness domains–Project Governance, Needs Assessment, and Implementation Plan–all of which are critical to successfully implementing data interoperability projects. Complete the Readiness Diagnostic below to establish benchmarks for each of the three domains, then view your district’s personalized learning plan, which includes specific activity and resource recommendations for you.

Chapters in the Data Ready Playbook are strategically sequenced by readiness domain and stage to support districts with building a strong foundation for their interoperable solution. Early chapters focus on building awareness across each readiness domain and then transition to building evidence to support the identification of a use case. The final chapters of the playbook support districts with developing and planning for the implementation of an interoperable solution for their use case.

Completion of each chapter of the playbook requires critical thinking and district assessment. Your district will be able to save work and track progress in the playbook to return to it throughout the process. Every district will work through the playbook at their own pace, based on their context and needs. To reach the most strategic solution, districts should plan to take two to four months to complete the playbook. After completing the playbook, your district will be ready to present your interoperability plan to leadership using the Data Ready Project Plan and Data Ready Pitch Deck.

Chapter Content

Each chapter in the Data Ready Playbook is centered around a specific readiness domain and stage and contains a set of curated activities, use cases, and resources. Indicators in each chapter provide high-level goals for districts to meet before moving on to the next chapter. Districts advance through the playbook by completing recommended chapter activities that are indicator-aligned. Districts can also reference chapter specific resources and uses cases for further support. As districts use the playbook, they can track their work using chapter checklists, which will allow your district to see their chapter progress and overall playbook progress.

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How Ready for Data Interoperability Is Your District?

How Ready Is Your District? The best way to understand your district’s readiness for data interoperability is by completing the Readiness Diagnostic. This diagnostic will assess your district’s progress to date using the Readiness Framework and provide a customized learning plan to follow in the Data Ready Playbook. Are you ready to get started?

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