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Educator Guide

Educator Guide

Designing Maker Learning @ Home Projects

This guide is broken into three parts: Design, Implement and Iterate, and Reflect. Within each section you will find:

  • Objectives: What you will aim to accomplish in this section.
  • Opportunities: The value add of engaging in these steps to design your project.
  • Actions: An outline of steps to take as you design your own project.
  • Designing for your context: Guiding questions to support designing for your context and learning at home.
  • Stories: Short examples from Maker Learning @ Home cohort members who designed their own projects for making at home.

You can use this guide from beginning to end or jump around to different sections based on your needs. Designing projects is a continuously iterative process and this guide was designed to be flexible.

There are specific resources to support your project development within each of these actions. We encourage you to check out these tools to explore additional resources for designing maker-centered learning experiences and programs.

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