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The State of Maker Learning Today

In June 2016, President Obama formally proclaimed a renewed commitment to what many consider the hallmarks of American society: ingenuity, creativity, and technological innovation. At the heart of this proclamation was an acknowledgment that many citizens – particularly those from historically under-resourced communities – have not had equitable access to the technologies, mentors, and funding that making requires.

Cover Illustration for "The State of Maker Learning Today" report. Image includes a teacher using an interactive white board and two children working with a laptop and notebook. Various icons representing making are connected to one another in a web. Icons include a 3D printer, notebook, cooking pan and stovetop, easel and paintbrush, lightbulb, headphones, hammer, 3D modeling software, musical notes, computer with a paintbrush, and a camera.

Over the last five years, we have seen making as a means for engaging with academic content, social-emotional learning, workforce development, equity and social justice efforts, skills development, and more.

Five years later, what is the landscape for maker learning?

The State of Maker Learning Today is a collaborative report from Digital Promise and Maker Ed, generously funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, highlighting key insights from educators throughout the United States, spotlighting stories from the field, and offering recommendations for the future of maker learning.

Previous Reports

Fulfilling the Maker Promise: Year One
In collaboration with Maker Ed, we share what we have learned from June 2016–June 2017 about the state of maker education in U.S. schools.

During National Week of Making, we recommit to sparking the creative confidence of all Americans and to giving them the skills, mentors, and resources they need to harness their passion and tackle some of our planet’s greatest challenges.
President Barack Obama
2016 National Week of Making Proclamation

Fulfilling the Maker Promise: Year Two
In collaboration with Maker Ed, we share what we have learned from June 2017–June 2018 about the “Maker Champions” and the growth of maker education in U.S. schools, and how these learnings are shaping the future of the Maker Promise initiative.

Materials Matter Infographic
In this graphic we cite research that supports selecting tools to align with learning objectives.

Making is for Everyone infographic
In this graphic, we highlight the importance of designing culturally relevant maker learning experiences that stem from the rich cultures of making that diverse students may already be a part of.

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