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Maker Learning Leadership-Community

Engaging your school community – from local to global – breaks down the school walls, creating authentic, powerful partnerships to maximize the impact of maker learning experiences.

Where does your community’s involvement fall on the Maker Learning Maturity Matrix? See the complete matrix here.


Stakeholder Analysis
How do you identify community partners? Use the Digital Promise Education Clusters stakeholder analysis guide to bring the right community members to the table.

Community Volunteer Sample Form
Find inspiration to assist with asking for community volunteers to support your maker learning program.

Engaging Parents as Learners
Wyckoff Township Public Schools engages parents in the learning process with events like “Makerspace Nights” to create opportunities for families to learn together.

Promoting Your Program in the Press
Local media can play a huge part in informing the community about your maker learning program and getting them invested. In addition, be sure to check out seven more ideas for communicating with your community.

Empowering Young People to Shape their Worlds through Maker-Centered Learning
Engaging students in the community is equally as important as bringing the community into the school. This Maker Ed blog post details how student agency empowers learners to make an impact in their communities.

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