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Curricular Integration

Maker Learning Leadership Circular Integration

Learning-things-by-making-things is a powerful way to learn anything, particularly when meaningfully integrated with core content. Plan, facilitate, and reflect on maker learning experiences aligned the curriculum.

Where does your integration with curriculum fall on the Maker Learning Maturity Matrix? See the complete matrix here.


Understanding by Design (UbD)
UbD’s focus on “backwards mapping” keeps learning outcomes at the forefront of planning, beginning with identifying the desired results before determining what evidence of learning looks like and then planning the learning experience.

Bringing STEAM Learning to All K-8 Students
In this Digital Promise Innovation Portfolio, learn from the Middletown City School District as they chronicle the process of developing curricula that integrate core content, the ISTE Standards for Students, and maker-centered practices.

Before, During, & After Maker Learning Projects

Planning Maker Learning Projects
Use this planning worksheet before embarking on maker learning projects, and return to it when iterating and improving projects over time.

Project Design & Facilitation
Use this guide to surface key indicators of successful maker learning projects as they’re in progress and to help projects become even more powerful learning experiences.

Maker Learning Project Reflection
Use this reflection protocol at the conclusion of a project to support continuous improvement.

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