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Develop a Maker Mindset

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The best way to understand maker learning is to experience it first-hand.

You can’t mandate a maker culture. You need to make it. Dedicate time for students and teachers to have maker learning experiences and reflect on them so that they can help create the school’s culture of maker learning.

Engaging students

Advisory Design Challenges, a case study from Mentor Public Schools
Use advisory periods for school-wide design challenges with students and teachers.

Tinkering Tuesdays, a case study from East Noble School Corporation
Empower a teacher-leader to catalyze enthusiasm and introduce students to maker learning.

Engaging teachers at faculty meetings

Parts, Purposes, Complexities, a case study from Rock Hill Schools
Use this thinking routine to guide hands-on inquiry into everyday things.

Materials, Themes, and Bugs, a case study from Edmunds Middle School
Try this activity as a fun, collaborative way to help teachers take their first steps toward making.

Engage your community

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