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Maker Learning Around the Country

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What is maker learning, and what does it look like in schools?

Maker learning isn’t a subject or a space, it is a way to learn. Join the national conversation on maker learning through the following resources from researchers, pioneering school districts, and thought leaders.

Core values of maker learning

Design learning experiences that promote student voice to help them take hold of their own learning.

Honor students’ diverse interests and lived experiences for more relevant learning.

Connect students’ work to real-world communities to help students do work that makes a difference.

Maker learning in schools

See different ways that schools are integrating maker learning: throughout a district in Sitka, AK, across a high school in Boston, MA, and in a library club in Greenville, SC.

Researching maker learning (webinar series)

Creative learning in makerspaces with Dr. Kylie Peppler
Hear a researcher’s perspective on the opportunities and challenges of interdisciplinary learning in makerspaces.

Maker empowerment with Dr. Edward Clapp
Learn about the sensitivity, capacity, and inclination of maker empowerment from Harvard’s Agency by Design research project.

Equity and maker learning with Meg Escudé, Dr. Paula Hooper, and Dr. Shirin Vossoughi
Delve into research that can help your school ground its maker learning program in an equity-oriented approach.

National organizations supporting maker learning

Maker Promise
Sign the Maker Promise to receive access to high-quality resources that will help you advocate for and facilitate maker learning in schools.

Maker Ed
Follow Maker Ed for training, resources, and a community of support for engaging, inclusive, and motivating learning experiences through maker-centered learning.

Nation of Makers
Join the coalition of in-school and out-of-school advocates of the maker movement with Nation of Makers.

Additional resources

Maker Learning in Your District

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