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Space, Tools, and Activities

Tools in a container

Maker learning programs look different from one school to the next. Develop the program that is the right fit for your school.

There is no “correct” way to approach maker learning. Instead, learn from the broad diversity of maker learning programs at other schools and create a program that matches your school’s vision and culture.

Learning about different program models

Draw inspiration from diverse approaches to maker learning
See how schools around the country are integrating maker learning to help you align your implementation to your vision.

Selecting the right tools for your program

Adopting the right maker tools at the right time
Use this scatterplot to identify which tools may be the best investment for your program.

Evaluating tools for making
Use this worksheet to be sure that you are asking the right questions when adding new tools to your maker learning program.

Ensuring safety in your makerspace

Be Safe in your Makerspace
Print and hang this poster in your makerspace to help establish clear expectations about safety when using tools.

Create a culture of safety by Maker Ed
Watch the video to help build a common approach to safety in your school’s makerspace.

Additional resources on spaces

Additional resources on tools and materials

Maker Learning Around the Country

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