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Teaching and Learning

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Learning-things-by-making-things is a powerful way to learn anything at all. But approaching teaching in this way can be a big transition for some educators.

Respect the journey. Experimenting with, integrating, and feeling successful with new instructional approaches takes time. Support teachers wherever they are on their journey with maker learning.

Supporting teachers before, during, and after projects

Planning maker learning projects
Use this planning worksheet before embarking on maker learning projects, and return to it when iterating and improving projects over time.

Project design and facilitation
Use this guide to surface key indicators of successful maker learning projects as they’re in progress and to help projects become even more powerful learning experiences.

Maker learning project reflection
Use this reflection protocol at the conclusion of a project to support continuous improvement.

Resources for teachers



Developing competencies with micro-credentials

Online courses

Additional resources

Space, tools, and activities

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